Hotel 4 étoiles ile d'Oléron

Hôtel le Grand Large 4 étoiles

La Rémigeasse - 17550 Dolus d'Oléron
Tel : 05 46 75 77 77 - Fax : 05 46 75 42 60

Known for its exceptional location, the Hotel Le Grand Large offers you a spectacular view onto the ocean.

Associating sophistication and standing the hotel welcomes you for a stay under the sign of wellness and luxury.

The bar-lounge with its modern furniture, its central bar and its vegetal wall will bring you in a relaxed ambiance. A nice choice of original cocktails and aperitifs will help starting your evening with sophistication and pleasure.

At your disposal: pool, whirlpool, fitness room.

Rooms: 28
Heated indoor pool
- Prices depending of the season -

Open from March to mid November